[Debian-uk] UK DSL _modem_ recommendation

Antony McLellan antonymclellan1967 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 20:11:12 BST 2016

Like Mike, I've run my Gentoo box as a NAT router connected to my ADSL 
connection for the last 3-4 years.
I used a second-hand (few quid) BT Voyager 190 with flashed firmware as 
an Ethernet modem. This connection used no accepted standard, but it worked.

My exchange was finally upgraded to CN21 and ADSL 2+ became available. I 
needed a new modem and the only one I could find was a Draytek Vigor 
120. It has run well until a few days ago and then it gave up (8 months 
on total). With no internet my daughter was giving me grief so I needed 
an alternative quick. In the loft was an old (2007) D-Link DSL-2680 ADSL 
2+ Router originally a "gift" (Zero pounds). This was easily configure 
to "PPPoE over PPPoA" and it became a temporary replacement.

The only problem left is, my daughter will not let me take the DSL-2680 
out of service.

Mike, thanks for an interesting thread,


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