[Debian-uk] Time for new T-shirts and polos?

Andy Simpkins andy at koipond.org.uk
Thu Apr 2 09:15:15 BST 2015

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- Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2015 16:02:27 +0100
- From: Steve McIntyre<steve at einval.com>
- To:debian-uk at chiark.greenend.org.uk
- Subject: [Debian-uk] Time for new T-shirts and polos?
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- Hi folks,
- I'm pondering doing some more embroidered Debian Ts and polos *to
- order* only. Let me know by email (see Reply-To!) if you're interested
- and I'll see if we have anough to make sense.
- FTAOD: I'm not doing this as a Debian UK Society thing, and I'm not
- looking to keep stock. Because of that:
-  * I'm only planning on doing the embroidered stuff, not screen
-    print. That'll make costs work sensibly. If you want any of the
-    other designs we've done in the past, I hope Talking Ts in
-    Cambridge should still have the screens on hand and you can talk to
-    them direct!
-  * I'm happy to order whatever you might want in terms of sizes and
-    colours. As a base, I'm expecting to do the "hippy" Ts that we've
-    had in the past (fair trade, fair labour, unbleached) and polos,
-    but if you ask me nicely I might be persuaded to find out prices
-    for other things like sweatshirts, fleeces etc.
-  * For now, I'm looking to get an*idea*  of numbers desired so I can
-    get a price. Once I have that idea I'll talk to the Talking Ts
-    folks and get a quote. I'll confirm with people based on prices,
-    and if you commit at that point I'll place an order.
-  * Once I've paid for the order, I'll be asking for the money straight
-    away. I'm happy to post things out to people if desired, or to hold
-    them for collection (e.g. at the BBQ or DC15), but I'm not offering
-    to loan you the money for 4 months!
- I'll give people until*Monday 20th April*  to respond to me, then get
- prices. If you've forgotten what the Ts and polos look like, there are
- still pictures linked fromhttp://www.einval.com/~steve/DebianT/  Let
- me know!

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- Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.steve at einval.com
-   Mature Sporty Personal
-   More Innovation More Adult
-   A Man in Dandism
-   Powered Midship Specialty


Yes please!  your timing is perfect, I talked to my wife about this last week.

Please count me in for:
   2x Ladies Fit Medium "Hippy"
   2x Childs (age 9-10) "Hippy"
   4x XXL "Hippy"


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