[Debian-uk] FOSDEM T-shirts mules

Neil Williams codehelp at debian.org
Tue Jan 24 14:23:33 GMT 2012

Those who are going to FOSDEM from Cambridge, please help out carrying
the various T-shirts (light but bulky) & playing cards (small but heavy
in any reasonable number). Overall there are ~100 of each to take
between us. (I'm taking the packs for people who have pre-ordered, the
other packs are for general sale at FOSDEM - €10 per pack.) ~10 of each
per person should be OK.

Let me know and then contact me to arrange pick up of as many of either
as you can fit into your bags and aim to come back with none. :-)

We'd like to have as many T-shirts as possible available for sale @
FOSDEM and all it involves is finding the Debian stand on the Saturday
and standing your turn behind the tables for a bit during the weekend.
(After all, it's in your interests to help them sell or you'll be
carrying them home again...)

Steve, Nick (B), Neil, Javi, I've got you down already - just pick up
your stock when you can ....

If you haven't picked up your cards yet and you are going to 
FOSDEM (Wookey), expect to be given some T-shirts to take with you
alongside a few extra packs of cards...


Neil Williams

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