[Debian-uk] Debian playing cards now available

Neil Williams codehelp at debian.org
Sun Nov 13 18:33:29 GMT 2011

I raised this idea on this list whilst at DebConf11 and it took a while
but the Debian playing cards are now available - 200 packs in all. 

54 cards (inc. 2 Jokers), each with a photo and name of various Debian
people. The release team, ftp team, ex & current DPL take most of the
picture cards (Ace, King, Jack, Queen). Each card has the Debian swirl
on the back and packs come in a white box, also with the Debian swirl.

Some 56 packs are already on their way to people who requested their
packs at or after DebConf11, another 14 packs are going to FOSDEM and
another 14 to locals in Cambridge.

I'm about to email those who requested a pack but haven't yet paid /
let me know a delivery address.

There is also a limit to how many packs I can get to FOSDEM and I'd
like to have some to sell there, so I'd prefer to post packs to people
directly - you also get the cards earlier too.

If you are attending events where cards like these could be sold on,
let me know. (Even better if someone from the UK is attending so that
you don't have to include postage in the resale cost.)

Per pack: £6.60 - about 75g per pack, so postage costs could get high
for >6 packs.

IBAN / BACS details are available on request, PayPal works fine too -
codehelp at debian.org

Postage prices within the UK are:

1 pack	- £1.50 P&P	Total: £8.10
2 packs - £2.00 P&P	Total: £15.20
3 packs - £2.00 P&P	Total: £21.80


1 pack	- £2.50 P&P	Total: £9.50 (GBP)
2 packs - £3.00 P&P	Total: £16.20 (GBP)
3 packs - £3.50 P&P	Total: £23.30 (GBP)

Rest of the world:

1 pack	- £3.50 P&P	Total: £10.10 (GBP)
2 packs	- £4.00 P&P	Total: £17.20 (GBP)
3 packs - £4.50 P&P	Total: £24.30 (GBP)

If there are other lists where people might be interested in these
cards, feel free to repost the details.


Neil Williams

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