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Mark Hymers mark at hymers.org.uk
Mon Aug 30 18:53:18 BST 2010

(oops, this was meant to go out about 1935 on Saturday, but I messed up)


Vince, can you confirm this and put it on the wiki if it's correct.

On Wed, 25, Aug, 2010 at 10:30:34AM +0100, Daniel Silverstone spoke thus..
> Mark Hymers has re-delegated this to myself as he may be too unwell to
> attend.

Daniel has re-delegated me to post the minutes of the meeting.

The meeting opened at 1927.

Adam Barrett
Mark Brown
Phil Hands
Mark Hymers
Matt Johnson
Paul Martin
Steve McIntyre
Daniel Silverstone
Neil Williams

1. Welcome
   The chair called the meeting to order
2. Chairperson's Report
   No report.
3. Secretary's Report
   One member (Noodles) lost, others gained.
4. Treasurer's Report
   In bank at beginning of August: GBP 200
   "Shitloads of T-shirts"
   2500 debconf money was in the UK account now gone
   More t-shirts have been sold recently
   Selling all T-shirts are sold would bring the account up to GBP 2000
   This is slightly more than last year due to reimbursements performed for debian activities.
5. Vote to accept reports
   Unanimous agreement
6. Move to reelect current committee
   - Phil Hands - Chairperson
   - Vincent Sanders - Secretary
   - Steve McIntyre - Treasurer
7. Vote on committee
   Unanimous agreement.
8. AOB
   Steve McIntyre asked for a volunteer to store the T-shirts as he's ran out of room.
   Neil Williams volunteered.
9. Close of meeting occurred at 1930.

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