[Debian-uk] [Job] Software Engineer - North West

Daniel Silverstone dsilvers at digital-scurf.org
Wed Aug 25 13:36:05 BST 2010


My employer (Simtec Electronics) is looking for a new software engineer
to join the team.  We're prepared to take almost any level of
knowledge/experience from "Competent graduate with F/LOSS experience" up
to someone who has been in the industry for a decade or more, although
the position is not a leadership one.

More information can be found at:


If you are interested in the role then please forward your CV and a
covering letter to dsilvers at simtec.co.uk.  I will also be at the
Debian-UK BBQ this weekend if you wish to talk to me about the position
before applying.

At this point, we are only advertising the job within circles of people
we consider likely to be suitable, hence the Debian-UK distribution
list.  Please do not forward this job spec around willy-nilly although
we will entertain applications from people we do not currently know.



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