Bug#1051471: btrfsd: cron job for calling btrfsd

Matthew Vernon matthew at debian.org
Sun Sep 10 14:54:07 BST 2023


Just a note on the libsystemd dependency.

On 10/09/2023 10:21, Martin Steigerwald wrote:

>> Sure, that should actually be extremely low-maintenance, there isn't
>> any hard dependency the daemon has on systemd - with one exception: It
>> uses libsystemd to write to the journal if that's available, and I
>> would like to keep that feature. It will however already fall back to
>> syslog in case sd-journal isn't available, and libsystemd is inert on
>> systems without systemd.

On Debian systems, libelogind0 Provides: libsystemd0, so a libsystemd0 
dependency (which, as you say, util-linux has) isn't a problem.



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