How do you handle runit logs?

Martin Steigerwald martin at
Sun Sep 10 10:30:37 BST 2023

Hi Steve.

Steve Litt - 01.08.23, 22:08:10 CEST:
> I'm going to be creating some runit run scripts for inclusion in the
> runit-services package.

Lorenzo just merged my first run script to runit-services package. With
his kind and detailed feedback it was pretty straight forward.

The diff in the I had to provide in the end is pretty minimal, see the last
amended commit in the merge request:

So in case you like to provided some tested (!) run scripts, maybe this
can serve as a motivation to do so.

You basically just fork his repo, create a git branch, add your run script
and provide a merge request. In case you provide several, I am not sure
whether Lorenzo would like a MR per run script or would accept several
(probably related) run scripts in one MR.

For building the package I used cowbuilder, but in order to see whether
the package can be built for Debian I used:


in "/etc/pbuilderrc". The resulting package did install just fine on Devuan
as well.


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