KDE with Wayland is not working with SysV

Matthew Vernon matthew at debian.org
Thu Jun 22 18:12:17 BST 2023


On 21/06/2023 00:29, Paul Gerdes wrote:

> Now i installed the metapackage "kde-plasma-desktop" and KDE doesnt start.
> After rebooting i land in the SDDM Login-Manager, i choose "Desktop 
> Session: Plasma (Wayland)" and log in into my user account. After a 
> short KDE loading screen i get a black screen. No Windows, No Desktop, 
> No Panel, etc.
> All i can see is the mouse-pointer on my screen and move it on the black 
> screen. And i can switch to another TTY,  thats it.
> I can however choose "Desktop Session: Plasma (X11)" in SDDM and KDE is 
> running fine in X11.
> I also tried installing "kde-plasma-desktop" on the same machine with 
> systemd + wayland and everything ran fine. So the problem has to do with 
> SysV+Wayland and KDE.
> Anyone knows how i can get this to work?

I don't, I'm afraid, and I've never used wayland. Some ideas:
* is there some systemd service that wayland+KDE uses? it might be 
there's a missing init script or equivalent (devuan might have one already)
* what logs are there? presumably something hasn't worked right, and 
you'd like to hope it's objecting in the logs :)
* you might find the KDE folks would be helpful, even if just at saying 
"ah, yes, here's the bit of systemd we use"

Sorry that's not very definitive!



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