KDE with Wayland is not working with SysV

Paul Gerdes pgerdes89 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 00:29:34 BST 2023

I installed SysV with this Wiki (https://wiki.debian.org/Init) and it runs
fine in the terminal. No errors so far.

Now i installed the metapackage "kde-plasma-desktop" and KDE doesnt start.
After rebooting i land in the SDDM Login-Manager, i choose "Desktop
Session: Plasma (Wayland)" and log in into my user account. After a short
KDE loading screen i get a black screen. No Windows, No Desktop, No Panel,
All i can see is the mouse-pointer on my screen and move it on the black
screen. And i can switch to another TTY,  thats it.
I can however choose "Desktop Session: Plasma (X11)" in SDDM and KDE is
running fine in X11.

I also tried installing "kde-plasma-desktop" on the same machine with
systemd + wayland and everything ran fine. So the problem has to do with
SysV+Wayland and KDE.
Anyone knows how i can get this to work?
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