Upgrade Bullseye to Bookworm, and getting of rid of systemd?

Mason Loring Bliss mason at blisses.org
Thu Jun 22 17:20:43 BST 2023

On Thu, Jun 22, 2023 at 02:34:31PM +0100, Ottavio Caruso wrote:

> Should I get rid of systemd before or after installing sysv-init-core?

You can't get rid of systemd while it's running. What I'd recommend is
something more or less like this:

    apt --purge install sysvinit-core libnss-systemd-
    apt --purge install libelogind0 systemd-

Once you've converted, you might also then consider pinning so that systemd
doesn't sneak back in. This shows a bit more than you're strictly asking
for, but this is what I do:

$ cat /etc/apt/preferences.d/no-systemd 
Pin: release *
Pin-Priority: -1

Note that while you would ideally say src:systemd:any rather than streading
it out across several packages, doing so will prevent you from installing
systemd-udevd, and while it's only nominally part of systemd, Debian
doesn't yet ship eudev to replace it.

A note about my pinning away UsrMerge: while presumably UsrMerge will
actually be required in future, today it really just breaks things, and
Debian themselves don't use it in their build machinery because of this. By
the time they address that, there's a decent chance the incompatibilities
will have been worked out, one way or another.

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