How to handle bugs like 1041703 - libgudev broken due to missed udev dependencies?

Martin Steigerwald martin at
Wed Jul 26 20:36:56 BST 2023

Thorsten Glaser - 24.07.23, 17:42:06 CEST:
> On Sun, 23 Jul 2023, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> >> Ouch, yes. This is unfortunate, because smcv is totally right.
> >
> >Yeah, I initially thought Klaus, the reporter, was using regular
> >udev, cause according to the bug report he uses Debian. I thought.
> >But well,
> >maybe he does not, cause:
> I think he uses a mixed system, from…
> >Debian Release: trixie/sid
> >
> >  APT prefers experimental
> … this (Devuan would differ).

Nope, it wouldn't. Currently on Devuan Ceres:

% cat /etc/debian_version 
% cat /etc/devuan_version 

> >merged-usr: no
> >
> >Does Debian 12 aka Bookworm not enforce a (IMHO sub-optimal¹) variant
> >of usr-merge?
> No, it’s easy to get around it for 12, and the buildds for 12 even
> *MUST* not use merged-/usr or the upgrade can fail. But bookworm
> *users* are supposed to have migrated their systems.

Yeah, I know about

and I wondered over and over again how anyone could think its a good 
idea to make that mess the default for users.

> >> Whereever libeudev1 came from it’s not packaged properly.
> >
> >Well I am using Devuan here and I would not call their eudev /
> >libeudev1 as being packaged inproperly.
> No, it is, smcv is right: it Provides a libudev1 version that
> does not contain all symbols that are contained in that version,
> so it is packaged improperly. This would be wrong even in Devuan.
> My guess is that it Provides without a version constraint.

Hmm, okay, for that aspect yes.

But I object the notion that packages in Devuan are generally not 
properly packages. But you didn't really say that.

> >I was told reportbug in Devuan relays reports to packages that Devuan
> >developers  did not change to Debian bug tracker. I'd prefer it to
> >give a clear hint in case that the bug was from a Devuan install.
> For when only few packages are changed, I think it’s reasonable to
> report bugs to Debian, but not without a clear indication it’s from
> a downstream, whether it be Canonical’s or Devuan.

Yeah I am considering a bug report for their modified reportbug package.


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