How to handle bugs like 1041703 - libgudev broken due to missed udev dependencies?

Thorsten Glaser t.glaser at
Mon Jul 24 16:42:06 BST 2023

On Sun, 23 Jul 2023, Martin Steigerwald wrote:

>> Ouch, yes. This is unfortunate, because smcv is totally right.
>Yeah, I initially thought Klaus, the reporter, was using regular udev, 
>cause according to the bug report he uses Debian. I thought. But well, 
>maybe he does not, cause:

I think he uses a mixed system, from…

>Debian Release: trixie/sid
>  APT prefers experimental

… this (Devuan would differ).

>merged-usr: no
>Does Debian 12 aka Bookworm not enforce a (IMHO sub-optimal¹) variant of 

No, it’s easy to get around it for 12, and the buildds for 12 even
*MUST* not use merged-/usr or the upgrade can fail. But bookworm
*users* are supposed to have migrated their systems.

>If its a Debian, and even so it is an interesting setup that 1. prefers 
>experimental and 2. has eudev from whatever source.


>The kernel is tainted too for several reasons.

Oh, that can be for many reasons. It seems to be the default state.
Even my Thinkpad’s is.

>> Whereever libeudev1 came from it’s not packaged properly.
>Well I am using Devuan here and I would not call their eudev / libeudev1 
>as being packaged inproperly.

No, it is, smcv is right: it Provides a libudev1 version that
does not contain all symbols that are contained in that version,
so it is packaged improperly. This would be wrong even in Devuan.

My guess is that it Provides without a version constraint.

>I bet he does use Devuan, cause he reported the bug there as well:

Probably a mixed system?

>I was told reportbug in Devuan relays reports to packages that Devuan 
>developers  did not change to Debian bug tracker. I'd prefer it to give 
>a clear hint in case that the bug was from a Devuan install.

For when only few packages are changed, I think it’s reasonable to
report bugs to Debian, but not without a clear indication it’s from
a downstream, whether it be Canonical’s or Devuan.

>I do not think that sneaky approach will work well.

Yeah, given the friction already inside Debian…

On Sun, 23 Jul 2023, Matthew Vernon wrote:

> I think it's unhelpful to report bugs in Debian that relate to
> Devuan-specific packages (as was the case here)

That it was the case here was not something that could easily
be seen, though. I would tentatively agree that that bugreport
even from a Devuan system could be reported to Debian first,
as that particular package is unchanged, but with a clear
indication of source distro.

The reporter seems to be running a mixed system though, which
makes this even harder.

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