Runit-services package - looking for comments/review

Lorenzo plorenzo at
Thu Feb 3 22:58:00 GMT 2022

Hi Martin,

On Thu, 03 Feb 2022 21:16:50 +0100
Martin Steigerwald <martin at> wrote

> […]
> > * doesn't use ucf to register conffiles in /etc : ucf works with
> > files but not with directories, and I foresee other problems that
> > makes the tool unfitted for handling service directories as
> > conffiles.. so I had to reinvent the wheel :(
> So you implemented your own approach to register configuration files
> or don't you register configuration files at all

I implemented a very simple flag-file approach to register/deregister
a service directory as runit-services's conffile.

> Why
> run
> when Debian openssh-server package already has this:
> […]:/etc/sv/ssh# find
> .
> ./.meta
> ./.meta/installed
> ./log
> ./log/supervise
> ./log/run
> ./supervise
> ./finish
> ./run
> Looking at the run script it appears more up to date to me (for
> example using /run instead of /var/run).

The script from the openssh-server package is the right one, will likely
remove the one in runit-services source. There is a number of services
in source that are not installed in the package for now, see

and the list of services actually installed is

> How will your package work in the case a runit service is already
> there?

The expected behavior is that the local version already in etc is
considered owned by another package or by the local admin and is left
untouched. However, since this is still experimental I recommend to
backup your /etc/sv/ before installing this package, just in case I
got something wrong.

Have a look at the README for more details on how this package works


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