Runit-services package - looking for comments/review

Martin Steigerwald martin at
Thu Feb 3 20:16:50 GMT 2022

Dear Lorenzo.

Lorenzo - 03.02.22, 19:01:45 CET:
> Here is an early version of runit-services package for testing purpose
> [*]:
> (next branch)

That is great! Thanks you for your work!

> * doesn't use ucf to register conffiles in /etc : ucf works with files
> but not with directories, and I foresee other problems that makes the
> tool unfitted for handling service directories as conffiles.. so I
> had to reinvent the wheel :(

So you implemented your own approach to register configuration files or 
don't you register configuration files at all

> Comments and review are welcome.


when Debian openssh-server package already has this:

[…]:/etc/sv/ssh# find

Looking at the run script it appears more up to date to me (for example 
using /run instead of /var/run).

How will your package work in the case a runit service is already there?

> [*] I'm already testing on my system



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