A package for orphaned sysvinit scripts

Matthew Vernon matthew at debian.org
Sun Jan 3 17:48:09 GMT 2021

On 02/01/2021 15:11, Matthew Vernon wrote:

> While the TC has not yet ruled on #975075, my reading of the tea leaves 
> is that they are not going to overrule the maintainer on removing the 
> network-manager sysvinit script.
> This means we need some way to provide these for our users. I hope that 
> it will remain a minority of packages, and that most people will 
> continue to keep their init scripts where they belong (IMO :) ).
> The freeze is coming, so we need _something_ quite soon since it'll have 
> to get through the ftpmaster NEW queue.

I have flung together a minimal-viable-proof-of-concept:

I've tested it (lightly!) and it seems to do roughly the right things. 
At the moment, it only has network-manager in, because I didn't want to 
spend ages putting lots of scripts in if we're going to decide this 
approach is All Wrong...

There's a README.org which outlines the approach and some limitations.

Comments / suggestions / etc. welcome (especially MRs! :) ). I don't 
plan to upload this before the TC come to a decision (since they might 
yet DTRT on init scripts...).



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