A package for orphaned sysvinit scripts

Matthew Vernon matthew at debian.org
Sat Jan 2 16:55:56 GMT 2021

On 02/01/2021 16:48, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> On Sat, 2 Jan 2021, Matthew Vernon wrote:
>> arrange for this script to be run automatically (and there isn't AFAICS a dpkg
>> trigger for "run this whenever a package is installed" or equivalent), so
> You could trigger on the systemd units of the affected packages.

Oh, that is a good suggestion. The conf-file handling gets tricker, 
though. Perhaps the answer is to have the trigger-handling script run 
ucf (rather than have it run automatically on package install) to do 
conf-file handling?

I think otherwise you can either use ucf in the obvious way for 
/etc/init.d (but still have unnecessary scripts in /etc/init.d/) OR use 
ucf to manage files in e.g. /etc/orphaned-init-scripts and have a 
trigger to link to them from /etc/init.d but I think you then lose 
conffile-like handling of the /etc/init.d contents themselves?



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