A couple of salsa MRs for sysvinit - Yes/No to upload?

Matthew Vernon matthew at debian.org
Sat Feb 20 19:03:24 GMT 2021

On 20/02/2021 18:30, Adam Borowski wrote:
> On Sat, Feb 20, 2021 at 01:36:55PM +0000, Matthew Vernon wrote:

>> In any case, if any of the uploaders have opinions, I'd love to hear them :)
>> I think we might more broadly want to look at which other bugs we want to
>> try and get fixed for bullseye, but these are all simple fixes so seem worth
>> doing anyway?
> I perhaps too slavishly adhere to freeze rules and balk at making simple
> but non-important fixes -- but if you think otherwise, please go ahead!
> Your common sense is as good as mine.

So we're currently in soft freeze, which is where you don't need an 
unblock for packages; the most recent bits from the release team says no 
"large or disruptive changes to unstable", but I think all bug-fixes are 
still encouraged at this point.



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