Bug#975075: tech-ctte: Should maintainers be able to block init compatibility changes?

Jan Korbel debian at teptin.net
Thu Feb 4 18:28:19 GMT 2021

Dear Debian developers, maintainers etc.

I use Debian for many years. My primary and only installation for work
is unstable installed in 2003 and i updated this one *many times*. I
love Debian because of freedom from more points of view.

One PoV is possibility to choose software component which i prefer.
Because i don't like systemd (other story) i use sysvinit not on my
computer only but on many our servers too. My fault is, they are
without popcon, so not in stats (will fix it, i promise).

When i read about maintainer which broke thing (on my system too) and
rejected fix because... i still don't know why, i feel very sad. I
don't think this is a fair community work which is great otherwise.

So thanks Matthew and others they did not throw us overboard. I use
orphan-sysvinit-scripts now. Not best solution imho, but it is others
fault. Shame.

Sorry for some emotions and peace.



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