Testing for Init alternatives

Martin Steigerwald martin at lichtvoll.de
Thu Feb 4 14:17:16 GMT 2021


Thank you very much, Matthew, for orphan-sysvinit-scripts. I have it 

Its init script for Network Manager is exactly the one I have in /etc/
init.d/network-manager. I am not sure whether it replaced it or whether 
it was just the same from what I salvaged from an older version of 
network-manager package.

Is there anything to test with the package?

Also is there any other issues to test for?

So far things work just fine.

I am using Runit as PID 1.

There has been a thing about evolution not connecting with GNOME 
Keyring, but it appeared not to be directly related to Systemd:

gnome-keyring: unable to connect to D-Bus when using dbus-x11


The discussion with Simon was fine enough even if I do not really like 
his wording in:

»The various consequences of a non-systemd init, not all of which are
immediately obvious, are not really something that GNOME projects are
designed to support. We try to keep this working in Debian, but there's
a limit to what we can do in that direction: if the underlying system
does not meet various design assumptions then sometimes we will just
have to say "sorry, you don't have the requirements for this".«

I prefer software to not rely on assumptions.

However I think the change he plans to upload for glib will resolve the 
issue also on non Systemd systems.


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