Bug#1001908: manpages-de: manpage of "shutdown" not up-to-date

Jesse Smith jsmith at resonatingmedia.com
Sun Dec 26 00:43:41 GMT 2021

On 2021-12-25 3:35 p.m., Mario Bl├Ąttermann wrote:
> OK, it is in my favor to both keep existing man page translations
> alive (acknowledging the work of the previous translators) and
> integrate Po4a-based translations into upstream projects, instead of
> maintaining them in an external translation project. Give me some days
> to prepare a Po4a framework and migrate the existing .po files. I've
> already checked out the Git repo at savannah.nongnu.org. I would
> create the changes in one single (and quite big) Git diff, is this OK
> for you? Or is there even a mirror at Github or Gitlab or wherever
> else where I could create a pull request?

Hi Mario. I'm the upstream maintainer for sysvinit. You can e-mail me
the git patch if you like and I'll test & apply it upstream. One big
text file produced from "git diff" works fine for me. At this time there
isn't a mirror for sysvinit. I've been thinking about it, or even
migrating to a more popular platform as the Savannah infrastructure has
some drawbacks.

For now though the easiest way to send changes upstream is to e-mail
them to me, or open a bug report on Savannah.

Best regards,

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