Bug#1000879: orphan-sysvinit-scripts: Remove iwd init script

Matthew Vernon matthew at debian.org
Sun Dec 5 12:53:45 GMT 2021

On 01/12/2021 08:51, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> Quoting Job Bautista (2021-12-01 04:11:38)
>> Matthew Vernon wrote:
>>> On 30/11/2021 15:50, Job Bautista wrote:
>>>> Package: orphan-sysvinit-scripts
>>>> Version: 0.10
>>>> Severity: normal
>>>> X-Debbugs-Cc: jobbautista9 at protonmail.com
>>>> Please remove iwd's init script, as it's added now in iwd 1.20-2.
>>> This will need some co-ordination, I think; orphan-sysvinit-scripts
>>> uses ucf to manage /etc/init.d/iwd (as a link to
>>> /usr/share/orphan-sysvinit-scripts/iwd).
>>> Are you planning on using ucf to manage this file?
>>> [this is relevant because ucfr --purge will fail if iwd has taken
>>> over, and it would probably be better for iwd to take over the
>>> registration with ucf itself. If you're not using ucf I think we can
>>> simply ucfr --purge and ucf --purge]
>> Hello, I don't think iwd uses ucf to manage the init script.
>> /etc/init.d/iwd is not a soft link but a real file. I'm not 100% sure
>> about this though as I'm not the package maintainer of iwd, so I'm
>> CC'ing him to this bug right now.
> Not sure what the real question is here, and whether I am asked or just
> kindly informed via cc.

I think a bit of both :) I think the correct change is for 
orphan-sysvinit-scripts to have the following added to postrm, and then 
for the version of iwd which contains the sysvinit script to Conflicts: 
orphan-sysvinit-scripts <0.11 (which is the version that will have this 
change in, assuming it's correct):

diff --git a/debian/postrm b/debian/postrm
index f217ce8..db29a52 100644
--- a/debian/postrm
+++ b/debian/postrm
@@ -21,6 +21,22 @@ case "$1" in

+    upgrade)
+       if which ucfq >/dev/null ; then
+           if [ -e /etc/init.d/iwd ]; then
+               if ucfq -w /etc/init.d/iwd | grep -q orphan-sysvinit-scripts
+               then
+                   if which ucf >/dev/null ; then
+                       ucf --purge /etc/init.d/iwd
+                   fi
+                   if which ucfr >/dev/null ; then
+                       ucfr --purge orphan-sysvinit-scripts /etc/init.d/iwd
+                   fi
+               fi
+           fi
+       fi
+       ;;

That should remove any ucf associations of /etc/init.d/iwd ; it leaves 
the file in place (which I think is the right answer for conffiles like 
this), but it'll be treated like a conffile by dpkg, so that should all 
work OK.

Does that sound good? If so I'll get this uploaded in the next day or so.



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