Bullseye release notes / install instructions for alternative inits

Martin Steigerwald martin at lichtvoll.de
Tue Aug 10 15:18:45 BST 2021

Hi Matthew.

Matthew Vernon - 23.07.21, 11:23:22 CEST:
> I recently installed a new laptop using the latest Bullseye installer,
> and it was reasonably straightforward :) I think we at least want
> something in the install instructions on selecting alternative init
> systems, and maybe also in the release notes on how to switch an
> already-installed system?
> As a starter for ten, here are some rough drafts:
> [I've tested the install myself, not the upgrade]

Did you propose this as install instruction and/or release notes 

Or did you decide to go for the wiki approach?

Maybe both can be combined. Put a link into install instructions and 
release notes to the wiki page. That way the instructions could be 
updated if needed.


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