[PATCH 00/11] fixes and new features for init-d-script (v3)

Trek trek00 at inbox.ru
Wed Sep 16 14:29:08 BST 2020


I've just uploaded the latest version of my patches on salsa:


to ease the review, I've uploaded the previous versions to branches
ids1 and ids2, so to see the differences just run:

  $ git diff ids2 ids3

fixes were added to an output bug on start with VERBOSE=no and to a
regression that was introduced in patch 8, when calling try-restart
with VERBOSE=no using vlog_end_msg (that should be fixed too), so I
included a test script to prevent future regressions

the vars.sh patch was included, with a link to the start of the
discussion, that links to the actual bug

I think this time it is ready to be committed :)

thanks again for the review and ciao!

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