Bug#961393: pulseaudio,elogind: Can't install both

Matthew Vernon matthew at debian.org
Sun May 24 10:12:42 BST 2020


On 24/05/2020 03:16, Matti Palmström wrote:
> Package: pulseaudio,elogind
> Severity: important
> Version: pulseaudio/13.0-5 elogind/241.3-1+debian3

> I was gonna try to install elogind but then aptitude (and apt) wants to 
> uninstall a lot. After a bit of reading dependencies I realised that you 
> can't have elogind and pulseaudio at the same time since libpulse0 
> depends on libsystemd0. This also make it impossible to use elogind and 
> wine since wine depends on libpulse0. Would be nice to have the 
> possibility to at least try out elogind.

I don't think this is likely to be the issue, since libelogind0 
Provides: libsystemd0




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