Bug#961393: pulseaudio,elogind: Can't install both

Matti Palmström mattip.debian at gmail.com
Sun May 24 03:16:27 BST 2020

Package: pulseaudio,elogind
Severity: important
Version: pulseaudio/13.0-5 elogind/241.3-1+debian3


I was gonna try to install elogind but then aptitude (and apt) wants to
uninstall a lot. After a bit of reading dependencies I realised that you
can't have elogind and pulseaudio at the same time since libpulse0 depends
on libsystemd0. This also make it impossible to use elogind and wine since
wine depends on libpulse0. Would be nice to have the possibility to at
least try out elogind.

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