Bug#851747: sysvinit_2.96-2.2_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable

Andreas Henriksson andreas at fatal.se
Fri Mar 20 00:24:31 GMT 2020

On Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 11:58:37PM +0100, Adam Borowski wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 10:24:53PM +0000, Debian FTP Masters wrote:
> > Accepted:
> >  sysvinit (2.96-2.2) unstable; urgency=medium
> >  .
> >    * Non-maintainer upload.
> >    * Drop 'Essential: yes' from sysvinit-utils (Closes: #851747)
> WTF.


> Could you please re-read the Developer's Reference, the section on doing
> NMUs?  While there are cases when small, helpful changes are not worth the
> full machinery, one that introduces (rather than fixes) a severity:critical
> bug ("breaks unrelated packages") is definitely not there.

Where's the breakage?! Please read the bug report feedback I've sent
extensive information about every possible case even for lowering
Priority to important, which was not done.

> And, both Thorsten and me just told you to not rush.

Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2017 12:48:33 +0000

This has now been extensively discussed for over 3 years! Where's the
rush? Where's the useful input from the so called maintainers?

> Fortunately, there was an upload race (one of the things that the NMU rules
> prevent) and -3 wins over -2.2 thus we won't have to revert.  But still...

I expect you to take care of this bug and others if you're now going to
pretent to maintain this package! The NMU was annouces weeks in advance
so there's nothing 'fortunate' about mid air collisions and
force-pushing to the public git repo.

Andreas Henriksson

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