Response to active removal of initscripts

Tito farmatito at
Wed Jul 29 12:29:22 BST 2020

On 7/29/20 12:21 PM, Matthew Vernon wrote:
> On 29/07/2020 08:07, Trek wrote:
>> On Thu, 2 Jul 2020 20:54:09,
>> Tito wrote:
>>> I would suggest creating a initscritps-extras package, where all
>>> the orphaned init-scripts (and more..) could be collected with
>>> eventually needed support files (like those in /etc/default/).
>> I think this is the right way to handle the hostile behavior of some
>> maintainer: there is no need to wait third-party decisions and it's
>> always possible to move back the init script to the original packet
> I disagree - the natural place to have init scripts (for any init system) for a particular package are in that package itself, not elsewhere. That's how we package .desktop files, menu entries, ... in Debian.
> Regards,
> Matthew

I fully agree with you but reality seems to be that the init scripts are slowly stripped
from the deb packages, so you depend on the collaboration of debian package
maintainers, but if there would be collaboration would they strip the init scripts?


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