New SysV init release

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at
Tue Jul 7 01:13:53 BST 2020

I am pleased to report the release of new versions of SysV init, along
with its helper programs insserv, and startpar. This is a fairly tame
release that mostly focuses on minor clean-ups, correcting some
documentation, and polishing the Makefiles. The changes are as shown below.

Usually  do a beta test run for a few weeks before publishing a new
release. This time I went rogue and decided to publish full new
versions. Mostly because the changes are minor and more related to minor
clean-up than any functionality change. I've also noticed most bug
reports don't come in until after a stable release as people seem to
ignore the betas. So fingers crossed I did enough testing on my own.

Downloads can be found on the Savannah mirror:

- Jesse

sysvinit 2.97

   * Check $(ROOT) filesystem for libcrypt instead of a hardcoded path
to /usr.
      Added logsave and readbootlog to list of files git ignores.
      - Patches provided by Petr Ovtchenkov.

    * Code clean-up and making sure we avoid freeing unused memory.
      Patch provided by David Hoyer.

    * Added shell script from Trek which converts systemd unit files
      into init.d style scripts.

    * Added patch from Didier Gaudin which allows init to load configuration
      data from files stored in /etc/inittab.d/

    * Added patch from William Shipley which allows shutdown time to be
      in the format +hh:mm. This is in addition to the existing formats
such as
      hh:mm, +m, and "now".

    * Fixed typos in manual pages. Submitted by Helge Kreutzmann.

insserv 1.22.0

- Removed debugging flag from Makefile. It should be
  overruled anyway by the optimization flag.
- Use git login credentials to upload rather than svn, which is no
longer used.
  Make sure git ignores files that we build, or need during build process.
  Added PREFIX variable to Makefile to better control where manual page and
  insserv executable are stored. Defaults to /usr.
  This effectively moves insserv executable from /sbin to /usr/sbin.
- Make sure we define "extension" for older versions of GCC (5 and under).
  Make systemd/dbus support optional in Makefile using WANT_SYSTEMD
  Patches provided by Petr Ovtchenkov and Dmitry Bogatov.
- Added support for checking to see if a script that is missing its LSB
  header may be an OpenRC script.
  Patch provided by Merlijn Wajer, Ivan J, and Tito.

startpar 0.65

* Make sure startpar testsuite can find insserv
  executable in /usr/sbin or /sbin.
  Added PREFIX variable to Makefile and testsuite to
  make location of startpar and insserv more flexible.

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