Response to active removal of initscripts

Martin Steigerwald martin at
Thu Jul 2 17:42:15 BST 2020

Hi Mark.

Mark Hindley - 02.07.20, 17:49:09 CEST:
> Colleagues,
> Today's upload of network-manager has had its (working AFAIK) init
> script removed. My bug[1] requesting its reinstatement has been
> downgraded to wishlist without comment.
> My feeling is that this marks a new level of anatagonism against
> anything that is not systemd. But I may be overreacting?
> Thoughts? Suggestions?

This does not sound good. It makes me want to switch of my last Debian 
based system to Devuan, unsubscribe from development related mailing 
lists of the Debian project and probably even cease my little packaging 
effort I still do for Debian. Cause in the end I am seriously fed up with 
this constant "If you do not defend it, then it is taken away from you" 
that seems to be required for support of alternative init systems in 
Debian. And this may be sooner than later if I see an update of Network 
Manager removing the init script here as well, cause I rely on its 
presence on this last laptop running Debian.

The maintainer of Network Manager package as far as I got so far is 100% 
pro Systemd and IMHO does not care about anything else.

That disastrous GR from last year does not help either.

Of course, it may be good to let it sit for a few days, but in the end, 
I bet either someone musters up the courage to bring this up, again, on 
debian-devel or debian-project or so… I think there are quite some 
Debian developers though who do not agree with removing init scripts 
like this.

The other option would be to let the difference between Devuan and Debian 
become bigger and fork any package where the Debian maintainer removes a 
init script or something else required by other init systems.


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