Survivors of GR, please show that you're alive and kicking!

Martin Steigerwald martin at
Fri Jan 10 13:13:30 GMT 2020

Dear Lorenz.

Thank you very much for your efforts!

Lorenz - 10.01.20, 13:54:32 CET:
> Hi everybody,
> It's been holiday time and the result of the GR was really bad, so I
> understand many of you decided to spend some time AFK.
> Anyway this radio-silence on the list, with the only message beeing
> Dmitry's retirement, is becoming creepy and discouraging.

Heh. I understand how you feel, but aside of the GR, there may be other 
reasons why the list has been quiet. One popular one:

Various kinds of holidays in different countries at this time.

People may just need a timeout, not just from the GR (and other conflicts 
within the Debian community).

> Are DDs and other contributor in this list still active or they are
> giving up?
> Maybe there is someone available for review and sponsorship?

I am not a DD, so I cannot sponsor anything.

As I maintain a package myself I may be able to give some review there 
and there. However as these are the last days of my holidays, not today 
or at the weekend. I still need the time off.


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