Survivors of GR, please show that you're alive and kicking!

Lorenz at
Fri Jan 10 12:54:32 GMT 2020

Hi everybody,
It's been holiday time and the result of the GR was really bad, so I
understand many of you decided to spend some time AFK.
Anyway this radio-silence on the list, with the only message beeing
Dmitry's retirement, is becoming creepy and discouraging.

Things are moving fast, I believe that standardizing over sysuser.d and
tmpfiles.d is already a fact in Debian, while DynamicUsers and Timers are
also on the table.
Some action is needed to mitigate the effect of this wave now and keep open
the space for some kind of alternative, at least downstream (Devuan).

Are DDs and other contributor in this list still active or they are giving
Maybe there is someone available for review and sponsorship?

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