Opentmpfiles: please have a look at proposed init scripts

Lorenz at
Fri Jan 10 12:57:01 GMT 2020


In case you've missed the discussion [1][2], there is an opentmpfiles
already in the NEW queque.
Opentmpfiles is meant as a drop in replacement for systemd-tmpfiles.
There is a MR [3] that provides sysvinit script and the DD is ready to
Anyway, more eyes are better so, can someone have a look at the scripts?
(boring details about tmpfiles.d at the bottom)

Also, another important thing to understand:
is Devuan ok with using 'systemd-tmpfiles' from systemd package or prefers
to use opentmpfiles? the GR has a sentence about 'cooperation with
downstream' so this can be important.

As far as I understand tmpfiles[4][5] is supposed to do the following:

* Early boot: deals with files in /dev. This need to happen before udev is

* Boot stage (S): clean up files and dir that aren't safe to remove
during runtime.
  This need to happen after filesystems are mounted; i'm not sure about nfs.

* Late boot stage (S): create files and dir for all services that drop a
   file. This need to happen before longrun services are started. I think
(S) is a
   safe choice here.

* Runtime [2-5]: these script are not meant to be called here. During
   upgrade calling systemd-tmpfiles it's a job for dh_systemd or some other
   that doesn't exists yet.

* Shutdown: it's not clear to me if systemd is doing some cleanup here, see
   opentmpfiles-clean script


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