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Do you need someone reliable to transcribe both your short term and 
long term projects? Or do you need an accurate transcript for your 
audio or video? 

Allow us to transcribe your audio and provide you accurate transcripts 
and let us help you reach your business/project goals through the help 
of our transcription services.

What are our goals with each transcript?

- Speed
- Accuracy
- Confidentiality
- Each transcript is properly formatted. Strict grammar and 
punctuation rules are adhered to and of course, file security is 
something we take very seriously. 

Have any transcription queries? Send me a message. Let's discuss what 
you need to get done. We will address any concerns you have. 

- Professional transcription
- Accurate and thorough
- Beautifully transcribed documents.
- Grammar, spelling and jargon thoroughly checked

We have transcribed audios & videos under various requirements 
such as :

- Medical transcription
- Technical
- Academic
- Lectures
- Business
- Groups
- Legal
- Research interviews


Skilled with international accents and prompt response. Our pricing 
is better or comparable to individual service provider. In addition 
we also assist in APA Style formatting for research papers. Please 
note we don’t conduct research but assist only in formatting 
of the papers.

Joseph Gladden
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