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Tue Jan 7 02:00:20 GMT 2020


I hope this email meets you well. I am sure you are surprised to 
get this email. I got your information online after running a 
background check on you and I see you are someone I can trust. 

 My name is Staff Sergeant Marie Pantoja of the United States 
Marines Corps. I have been in Afghanistan for the past one year,  
I even spent my christmas and new year over here and I am still 
here. Alot of bad things is happening here and still happening. I 
embarked on a very dangerous mission some weeks ago and saved a 
man who was kidnapped by a terrorist group with his family. He 
happened to be a very wealthy man. I risked my life to save his 
daughter and helped him get out of the country on asylum.

He left me with a precious gift of 99  gold bars. i have done a 
proper check on it,  each gold bar weighs 1kg and currently in 
the market a kilogram of gold is worth 51,751.45 United States 
Dollar.  That sums up a total of 5,123,393.55 United States 

 I will need your help to ship this gold out. I AM WILLING TO 
SHARE THE GOLD PROCEITS, 60, 40 WITH YOU. I will take 60 percent 
and give you 40 percent after we get it shipped to you and sell 

This transaction is to be EXTREMELY CONFIDENTIAL (Top Secret). I 
had to contact you to help me or I could end up loosing this gold 
if i dont ship it out immediately.  . 

I guarantee you that, this transaction is all legal, risk free 
and all documents to backup the gold is available. All I will 
need is your consent to have the gold shipped to you and once am 
out of here, I can meet you up so that we can sell off the gold.

I will give you more details once I get a positive response from 

Thanks and I await your response.

Ssgt.Marie Pantoja

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