[Urgent/GSoC] GSoC (CO)-Mentor wanted for "Systemd unit translator" project

Mo Zhou lumin at debian.org
Thu Apr 23 12:06:30 BST 2020

Hi everyone,

We need at least one extra mentor for the "Systemd unit translator" GSoC
project this year. This project aims at the implementation of a "systemd
unit -> openrc script" translator and its integration into Debian.


Benda Xu (one of the uploaders of src:openrc) is one of the mentors but
we'd better find at least one more with Debian hat on, according to the
GSoC project requirements.  I cannot work as a formal mentor for some
reason, but I can still take over some mentoring workload if any student
will be selected for this project.

Is anyone willing to participate as a mentor? This is a good chance for
us to improve Debian's openrc situation and help with init system
diversity. Besides, there is not too much time left for our GSoC admins
to make the final decisions.


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