Bug#944224: Keep "dmesg" logging after boot.

Dmitry Bogatov KAction at disroot.org
Thu Nov 7 00:30:39 GMT 2019

control: tags -1 +wontfix

[2019-11-06 10:12] "Gong S." <pthfdr at protonmail.ch>
> Package: initscripts
> Version: 2.96-1
> Severity: wishlist

> Currently, the "bootlogd" script only records the "dmesg" messages
> during boot, and exits afterwards.

You meant "bootlogs", I think.

> However, most system issues happen after boot.
> So when such issue happens, nothing is logged, so it is hard to find the cause.
> I think that it is wise to keep `dmesg` running after booting.
> To be precise, change line 35 of "/etc/init.d/bootlogs"
> from "dmesg -s 524288 > /var/log/dmesg"
> to "nohup dmesg -Hwx > /var/log/dmesg".

As was already pointed, -s makes sure that whole kernel ring buffer is
dumped, and -H will be backward-incompatible change.

Also, just starting process with `nohup foo &' is not proper way to
start long-running process. If you want long-running process to keep
saving kernel logs, you'd have to create init.d script, with "start" and
"stop" commands.

But wait, why to we need it? You probably already have syslog daemon
running, and many of them know how to to save kernel logs too. At least
socklog and rsyslog do.

If you do not use syslog daemon, you can put command you propose into
/etc/boot.d or directly into /etc/init.d/bootlogs (it is conffile!)

Sorry, I do not see general value in your proposal.
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