Removing legacy distro support?

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at
Wed Jul 3 14:36:53 BST 2019

> I don't know if SUSE actively removes init scripts, but even if it does
> not, what is left is certainly severely bitrotten, likely to a point of
> unusability.

This is what I thought too. Though I received a message yesterday from
someone who pointed out that openSUSE Factory and Tumbleweed not only
still have sysvinit packages, these packages are updated to the latest
version. Someone in the SUSE community is keeping sysvinit software up
to date in their repositories, even if it is rarely (ever?) used.

Now I am tempted to install openSUSE and see if it will run with
sysvinit. If it's used at all (or can be used as an alternative to
systemd) I feel we should leave the support in place.

- Jesse

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