ssh starts too late

Dmitry Bogatov KAction at
Wed Feb 27 03:01:43 GMT 2019

[2019-02-25 15:39] Thorsten Glaser <t.glaser at>
> Hi,
> I don’t know where I should file this as bug or if it’s not,
> but openssh-server starts much too late.
> I’m using sysvinit with non-parallel start everywhere, and
> it’s started almost at the end of the boot, which hinders
> debugging on remote systems if needed.
> On the desktop I’m writing this on, ssh is S05ssh, second-
> before-last of 20 S05 scripts which seem to be run ASCII-
> betically, and followed by only a handful of scripts.
> What can we do (ideally by an upload to Debian, so everyone
> benefits from it) to make openssh-server start earlier?
> It’s kind of a special case where the dependency-based boot
> system isn’t really working…

The only thing we can do is add more of Should-Start: into other
scripts. It scales poorly, yeah.

Also you (it does not seems to generalize) can add ssh into $remote_fs
in /etc/insserv.conf and remove dependency on $remote_fs in ssh.

And of course, you can rename /etc/init.d/ssh to /etc/init.d/SSH, and it
will sort as you wish.

Not that I like any of above, just ideas from the top of my head.
Jesse, better ideas?
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