ssh starts too late

Thorsten Glaser t.glaser at
Mon Feb 25 14:39:13 GMT 2019


I don’t know where I should file this as bug or if it’s not,
but openssh-server starts much too late.

I’m using sysvinit with non-parallel start everywhere, and
it’s started almost at the end of the boot, which hinders
debugging on remote systems if needed.

On the desktop I’m writing this on, ssh is S05ssh, second-
before-last of 20 S05 scripts which seem to be run ASCII-
betically, and followed by only a handful of scripts.

What can we do (ideally by an upload to Debian, so everyone
benefits from it) to make openssh-server start earlier?
It’s kind of a special case where the dependency-based boot
system isn’t really working…

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