Bug#499796: initscripts: rootfs over nfs hangs at reboot

Dmitry Bogatov KAction at debian.org
Thu Feb 21 17:55:07 GMT 2019

[2011-04-14 09:46] "Bastian Blywis" <blywis at mi.fu-berlin.de>
> The following problem happens reproducible in a network of 100 virtual
> machines and a network of 120 "real" machines that mount their rootfs
> over nfs.
> When /etc/init.d/reboot is run and "reboot -d -f -i" called, in about
> 2-4% of the cases, the system will deadlock because the network
> interfaces are shut down but the kernel still wants to read/write
> something on the nfs export. The message "nfs server not responding" is
> shown.
> Solutions:
> 1) remove the "-i" from the init script
> 2) move the parameters to /etc/default/reboot
> Please raise the severity to important, as the deadlock issue is serious
> and custom modifications to the init script will be lost on package updates.

Well, initscripts /are/ conffiles, so changes /will/ be preserved
between upgrades.

On other hand, introducing REBOOT_OPTS in /etc/default/reboot is easy.
Do we want it? Or we want to introduce more restricted version, NETDOWN,
like in /etc/default/halt. Or maybe we want to reuse /etc/default/halt
for `reboot' script?

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