Resurrecting file-rc

Andrew Kanaber akanaber at
Wed Feb 13 20:40:39 GMT 2019

Jesse Smith wrote:
> My thought was to have the source code and manual pages in the SysV
> upstream repository and tarballs.

I'm not sure I see the benefit. For one thing file-rc provides alternate
versions of rc and rcS, whose default versions are in the sysvinit source
package, but also update-rc.d and invoke-rc.d whose default versions are in
the init-system-helpers source package, so it's not totally clear which source
package it ought to be merged with. Either way you still have an external
interaction (at the moment it handles these by conflicting sysv-rc which holds
just the relevant part of the SysV setup, and dpkg-divert'ing the scripts from

And then what does the merge buy you? I suppose you could make file-rc style
versus traditional rc?.d boot a build time option, but that probably just
complicates providing both options for Debian. Whereas the work's already been
done for the current setup.

> Though I haven't looked closely at it, I don't think there is much to
> maintain or build in the file-rc package. It looks like it's mostly
> documentation and shell scripts.

Yeah, it's all sh.



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