Bug#926544: startpar: why installed in private directory?

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at yahoo.ca
Sat Apr 6 21:22:44 BST 2019

> Actually, I believe startpar(8) should be startpar(1), since it can
> useful to non-privilleged user. (GNU Parallel maybe more powerful, but
> still).

I agree. Regular users running startpar is probably very rare since
there are better tools for running jobs in parallel from the command
line, but anyone can technically use startpar effectively. I will update
the install location for startpar and update its (and insserv's) manual
page to section #1.

> So I intend to move startpar(8) into /sbin on 0.62-1 upload.
> Objections?

If I'm not mistaken /sbin is where the upstream Makefile suggests
startpar should go. Making this change would probably be best for
everyone to avoid confusion.

- Jesse

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