Release 2.91-1 (Was: On debian/sysvinit)

Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at
Fri Nov 16 15:06:06 GMT 2018

>> Concerning existing bugs: I have gone through the list, and I have
>> seen that Benda, Dmitry, Ian, and others have commented on some of
>> them and closed many. Where are we with that? How can I help and avoid
>> to re-do stuff that you guys have already done?

In my opinion, one of the best things which can be done in the near
future is to test the upcoming sysvinit-2.92-beta release (should be out
this weekend). Its changelog (doc/Changelog in the tarball) contains a
list of changes and Debian bug numbers which I believe can be closed
once 2.92 is imported into Debian.

I'd love it if people would test the new init beta to make sure it's
working across multiple architectures. And confirm whether the bugs I
believe are fixed can be closed.

- Jesse

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