Release 2.91-1 (Was: On debian/sysvinit)

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Fri Nov 16 13:40:28 GMT 2018

KatolaZ writes ("Re: Release 2.91-1 (Was: On debian/sysvinit)"):
> we could probably update the package Standard: to 4.2.1 before
> uploading into sid.

I do not think that is a blocker.

> Concerning existing bugs: I have gone through the list, and I have
> seen that Benda, Dmitry, Ian, and others have commented on some of
> them and closed many. Where are we with that? How can I help and avoid
> to re-do stuff that you guys have already done?

I have only been commenting on things that appeared on one of the
lists because there seemed to be a disagreement - ie I have been
providing a (hopefully helpful) review and third opinion.

I think Dmitry, Benda and Jesse have been doing the bulk of the bug
review so I will let them answer your question.


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