pkg-sysvinit-devel is being phased out - action needed

Ian Jackson ijackson at
Thu Nov 15 11:53:31 GMT 2018

 * You probably want to subscribe to the new list (Mailman, [0]),
      debian-init-diversity at
 * pkg-sysvinit-devel at is being phased out
 * current plan is to NOT automatically subscribe you to the new list

As previously announced [0], the "alioth continuity" mailing list
service at is not expected to continue
indefinitely, so the things previously done with on this mailing list
need a new home.

And, following RFA and adoption, the new maintenance team for sysvinit
in Debian is the Debian Ecosystem Init Diversity Team, who have been
coordinating recent activity via our new mailing list (CC'd, [1]).

We are using a new list outside for essentially social
reasons. [2]  Also, it was not clear that using pkg-sysvinit-devel
for discussions of e.g. elogind/pam/etc., would be appropriate.

The Maintainer field in sysvinit is being changed, although this has
not been done everywhere yet.  I expect that the Maintainer for
insserv and startpar will change too.  When all those things are done,
I intend to shut down the pkg-sysvinit-devel mailing list.

Because the debian-init-diversity list has a wider scope and different
governance oversight.  So it did not seem right to me to
mass-subscribe all the subscribers to pkg-sysvinit-devel, and simply
close the old list.  But I expect that many if not most subscribers to
pkg-sysvinit-devel will want to subscribe to debian-init-diversity.

I would be interesting to hear whether members of pkg-sysvinit-devel
feel that the new list ought to be treated as the continuation of the
old, and everyone mass-subscribed.  Personally, I worry that it would
be wrong to do this without subscribers' explicit consent.

I will probably repeat a variant of this announcement at intervals.

Thanks for your attention,



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