Elogind v239.1 Devuan/Debian combined source

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Tue Nov 13 18:31:07 GMT 2018

Andreas Messer writes ("Re: Elogind v239.1 Devuan/Debian combined source"):
> I'd support having a single branch for both. To be honest, i think in
> the end the package will be in Debian anyways. I don't see any need
> why we want to have an extra package in Devuan then. In the meanwhile,
> we can simple use suites/* for maintaining the Devuan suites. May be
> we can have suites/devuan/* and suites/debian/* ?

We can have suites/<debian codename> and not clash with Devuan, I
think ?  Or debian/<debian codename>.  Eg debian/sid.

We could use Salsa for the Debian branches, or a different project on
the Devuan gitlab, but I think reusing the same tree would be better.


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