elogind for Debian

Mark Hindley mark at hindley.org.uk
Fri Nov 9 13:51:27 GMT 2018


Starting a new thread as the title wasn't really very accurate!

I have tried to address the issues reported here with elogind. I have just
pushed rc2 to https://git.devuan.org/LeePen/elogind/tree/debian_WIP

The changes are:

  * Update the fix for SIGABRT to upstream #92.
  * Disable Dbus activation by default.
  * Use shutdown rather than poweroff as the latter is missing on runit systems.
  * Remove upstream pwx git submodule. Thanks to Ian Jackson.
  * libelogind-dev conflicts libsystemd-dev

I hope the fixes work for you. In particular Lorenz?

Upstream are preparing 239.2 and expecting to release it next week.

Best wishes


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