[chiark.chat] Re: RFH: sysvinit etc. in Debian

Ian Jackson ijackson at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Tue Nov 6 12:06:45 GMT 2018

Lorenz writes ("Re: [chiark.chat] Re: RFH: sysvinit etc. in Debian"):
> During the last year, in order stay away from systemd and at the
> same time have a "Hey, my desktop is working again!" experience, i
> somehow manage to build an usable elogind.  Now i'm using v239 with
> a packaging similar to the one posted by Mark Hindley.  Among the
> differences, in control file i have also a Breaks+Replace:
> systemd-shim , Recommends: dbus-x11 + xserver-xorg-legacy and also
> i'm starting and managing elogind with runit.

Well done!

> Ian Jackson wrote:
> > Is there anyone here with the kind of desktoppy knowledge who could
> > debug this ?
> I'm afraid you mean a developer, and i can't really debug this, but
> I have some info about Debian and Elogind I would like to share.

I regret to inform you that you have, perhaps accidentally, graduated
to being a developer :-).

Thanks very much for the information.

> Hope this will help to bring Elogind in Debian,

Can you please share your source package(s) somehere ?  That would let
us compare them in detail with what we have and maybe steal them ? :-)


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