Vicky Clarke's Page-o-Junk


Note: I am not the former US assistant secretary for defence.

This page is a kind of online boxroom, where I keep useful but ugly stuff that doesn't really belong anywhere else.


Personal junk

A page about citric acid intolerance. I discovered in July 2006 that I suffer from this very rare food intolerance, and am compiling a page of information about it including lists of foods which contain it, both in their natural state and as an additive.

Citric acid free recipes - a small and occasionally updated selection

My photos (various galleries)

Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs swap/sale list and wishlist


Useful junk

My cocktail recipes. Fancy an Ex-Boyfriend?

Killing Miranda Lyrics - text only at the moment, will HTMLise and add the first album some time soon..


Recommended junk

All One Wicca - a book about a remarkably commonsensical brand of Dotty New-Age Religion™.